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This compact condo kitchen renovation project involved a hatefully small kitchen with a with the dining area not large enough for two chairs and a and a 30 inch table. We scrapped the eat-in kitchen idea as far as a table was concerned and we removed it in favor of a lwrap around counter and custom shelf combination. At one end of the kitchen there was a bump in where the hall closet on the opposite side of the wall. By changing the closet area into a deep pantry, the cabinetry formed a balanced galley kitchen. We removed part of a wall separating the kitchen from the dining area and built custom floating shelves which appear to suspend from the ceiling. Beautiful granite countertop and Decora Cabinetry have a sleek, modern, and open effect. Totally transforming a tight claustrophobic area into a very functional place to prepare food. A new fan and and the light fixtures were purchased at Home Depot, which look expensive but fit perfectly in this budget project. We completed everything with a with a sleek modern tiled floor and custom custom door casings contemporary door casings. The renderings show are so close to the end product, even we are impressed with the design and execution.

This condo kitchen renovation, in an Arlington Virginia townhome, required extensive structural modifications, and relocating two 3” waste stacks, in order to achieve the desired layout and aesthetics. Most of the Decora cabinetry installed was either fully custom or was customized on site. The hood, curfed arches, heavy embellishments of casings, plinths, pilasters and capitals, jambs, base & chair rails were all designed and hand created at millwork shop set up on jobsite. The extensive 2-piece crown work with vertical end stop detail was also designed specifically for this job. The inlaid mosaic decoupage, beneath the hand crafted hood, was imported from France. The indirect, LED lighting was recessed into the tops of the cabinet interiors. Even the Kohler, Cobalt Blue cast iron porcelain sink, which was discontinued but was the clients dream, had to be located, modified by re-drilling using first a trough grind, and then a plasma drill to prevent damage to the brittle finish. The 16’ Anderson sliding door required extensive brick and steel work, and opened the family room to the patio. The incredible 64 piece arched door way leading from the parlor to the dining room elevates the townhome space to grand and formal. The equally impressive arched pass-thru from the kitchen to the family room opens the space and floods the kitchen with natural light from the 16’ sliding door, as does the relocated and enlarged window above the sink. The embossed tile ceiling, reminiscent of mid-19th century classical design, further distinguishes this kitchen from typical contemporary or transitional themes.


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