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Ceramic Tile Overview

Here at Graves Design & Remodeling, we specialize in the use of ceramic tiles for a unique look that is all your own. Ceramic tiles include earthenware (terracotta), porcelain, or stoneware. Stoneware is quite a lot harder and more durable than earthenware, so it is more suitable for floors. Terracotta is traditionally used for roof tiles.

More Info

Ceramic tiles are made of clay that is baked in a very hot kiln (a process known as “firing”). The wet clay, which is usually quarried, is extruded into shape before the firing process. Ceramic tiles are then always glazed as they are fired at a lower temperature than porcelain.

  • Monocottura (single firing): the glaze is applied before the initial firing
  • Bicottura (double firing): the tile biscuit is fired (and possibly decorated) before the glaze is applied for a second firing.

The great durability of ceramic tiles is an important part of their environmental compatibility. When laid professionally and cared for in the proper way, ceramic tiles continue to look great for years.

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