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Wet bar

Wet Bar Overview

A custom wet bar is a uniquely-designed bar that is specifically designed for homeowners and the space it will fit in. The wet bar is a built-in feature that is built during the home’s original construction or can be added on for home improvement.

Normally, the wet bar is a bar used for mixing alcoholic beverages and includes a sink with running water, however there is no set limitation of what appliances, structures, or features you can have in your custom wet bar design. Wet bars are built for entertainment purposes and are placed in any area of the home desired. They are commonly built in outdoor living areas, basements, living or family rooms, entertainment areas, or dining areas. The size of a wet bar is determined only by your imagination and available space.

Mini Wet Bars

Mini wet bars are also a great start if you someday plan to have a whole kitchen area but want to start out smaller with your home improvement budget. For instance, if you plan an entire kitchen for an outdoor living space or want to one day use your basement for your teenager to live in, you can create a mini wet bar that will serve your needs for now and add on a grill, stove, and small refrigerator later.

Basement or Outdoor Wet Bars

Imagine being able to serve your guests while entertaining without having to make trips back and forth to the kitchen. This is especially convenient when outdoors or down in a basement area. We can create any number of cabinets you need, in combination with the countertop and sink you would like. If you can imagine it, we can design and build it. We have tons of ideas and we look after all of the plumbing and electric work too, so you can sit back and relax while we create an aesthetically pleasing and practical new space for your home.


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